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Moomaw Automotive, Inc. (formerly Moomaw Chevrolet, Inc.) is located in Sugarcreek....  in the scenic hills and farm country of Tuscarawas and Holmes County Ohio.  Sugarcreek, on state route 39,  8 miles west of Dover, Ohio and Interstate 77,  serves as the gateway to Ohio’s largest Amish settlement. The area features Amish craft and building, storage barns, museums, bed and breakfasts, furniture stores, restaurants, and other Amish and ethnic retail tourist business.  The area also features Ohio's Swiss Cheese production and Sugarcreek is also known as The Little Switzerland of Ohio.

Moomaw’s, founded in 1912 by Simon P. Moomaw, is one of Ohio’s pioneer automobile dealerships and has been in continuous operation. Known originally as S.P. Moomaw and Son, the firm sold Willy’s Overland products until 1933 when a contract with Chevrolet was signed by Simon’s son, Howard Moomaw.  In 1960, Howard Moomaw, Jr became the dealer and ran the store until 1993 when son Randy assumed control. The Chevrolet contract was not renewed in October 2010 as Moomaw Chevrolet was one of a thousand  dealers across the country that received a non-renewal letter from GM (and Dodge/Chrysler) as part of the bankruptcy and government bail out proceedings. The name was simply changed to Moomaw Automotive and there has been no interruption in service as Moomaw’s continues their quality vehicle repair and sale of preowned vehicles.​


Moomaw’s is a four generation family run business that has succeeded on the basis of fair and friendly dealing, honest service, and an old fashioned personal touch that remains to this day. Randy says “we see ourselves as a throwback, a throwback to the good ole’ days when a handshake and smile meant everything, to the days when you looked people square in the eye and your word was good. We’re proud of our heritage and small town style and we think there is no better place for your auto needs.  We have many testimonials and thank you notes on three bulletin boards hanging in our showroom.....if you care to come in and check out what people are saying about us."  It is worth noting that we downsized our sales operation in 2018.  Our vehicle sales inventory will vary but in order to find more efficiency and be more cost effective as a whole we likely will keep our inventory level below 20 units in the future.  Quality, Value and Price........not quantity.  It is also worth noting that our Service Manager, Earl Landis, has been with the company over 40 years........but is still only 57 years old. He's been a keeper!  :) :)  ROCK ON, EARL!! :)   


 SALES HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9 to 5.  Saturday 9 to Noon.  Off hour appointments are available.  Please call Randy Moomaw during regular hours to make an appointment.  330-852-4621

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